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Thu 28 July 2016
Venus 2000 Teardown Videos
Tags: venus2000 teardown diy toys
Tue 01 March 2016
Lovense Product Engineering and Toy Disassembly Galleries
Tags: lovense toys engineering
Fri 19 February 2016
RIP Comingle
Tags: comingle diy toys crowdfunding
Thu 18 February 2016
The Sex Toy Storage Cabinet That Chooses Toys For You
Tags: toys furniture diy arduino
Tue 16 February 2016
A Dildo, A Servo, A Knife, Art
Tags: art dildos toys
Mon 21 September 2015
Buttplug K-Cups - Cascade Lube Cartridges
Tags: toys
Tue 07 April 2015
Where Are They Now? - Rez TranceVibrator Edition
Tags: rez trancevibrator toys opensource metafetishgithubmove
Thu 17 April 2014
RealTouch: The Shutdown, and the Parts You Can Still Get
Tags: realtouch teledildonics toys
Mon 14 April 2014
The Autoblow 2
Tags: toys indiegogo
Mon 03 March 2014
A10 Cyclone Standalone - It's like a Cement Mixer for Your Junk
Tags: toys teledildonics bluetooth
Wed 26 February 2014
Give All of Your Money To Body Sized Dragon Throats RIGHT NOW
Tags: toys indiegogo
Sun 23 February 2014
Elaico - Pretty and That's About It
Tags: teledildonics toys indiegogo
Sat 22 February 2014
Tags: indiegogo notavibrator toys teledildonics blackcatbox
Tue 28 January 2014
The Medium is the Massage
Tags: toys music media
Tue 20 August 2013
New Sex Tech Articles Up on Medium
Tags: media medium teledildonics toys
Mon 29 July 2013
Sex Toy Crowdfunding Redux (via Vibease and Blowjob Toothpaste)
Tags: crowdsource indiegogo vibease toys teledildonics blowjobs
Thu 25 July 2013
And the Oculus Rift Interactive Porn Winner is Custom Maid 3D with Ju-C!
Tags: videogames oculusrift toys
Mon 22 April 2013
Lovepalz shipping... with a whimper, not a bang
Tags: teledildonics toys lovepalz
Mon 26 November 2012
Lelo Lyla RF/Arduino Control Hack, and a Hopeful Future
Tags: diy opensource arduino vibrators toys rf
Tue 29 May 2012
RealTouch Removes DRM, Goes Open Source
Tags: realtouch opensource software toys
Mon 28 May 2012
Well I Suppose You Could Use It That Way - Kanojo Toys + XTube
Tags: toys porn
Wed 08 December 2010
The Toy Returns - This Time on Android
Tags: thetoy toys teledildonics mobile android
Mon 10 May 2010
A bunch of links - 2010-05-10 Edition
Tags: toys videogames teledildonics
Mon 07 September 2009
The Virtual Hole - Review of a Design Iteration
Tags: articles virtualhole segment toys teledildonics
Sat 01 August 2009
The Penistron
Tags: silly toys
Sun 11 January 2009
Talking Head Vibrator: So close to Slayer, yet so far...
Tags: toys vibrators talkinghead
Wed 07 January 2009
Mermaid Toy Dissection Gone Wild
Tags: videos toys
Sun 13 July 2008
WiibratorLink Update and WiiSex Review
Tags: oioo wiimote teledildonics toys videogames
Tue 01 July 2008
Rubbot reaches Beta Phase
Tags: rubbot diy toys
Fri 06 June 2008
The EyeDildo
Tags: dildocam toys
Thu 10 April 2008
Too Much Information about the Interactive Fleshlight
Tags: articles interactivefleshlight fleshlight videogames toys
Mon 07 April 2008
Lots and lots and lots of pictures of the Tenga Fliphole
Tags: toys tenga fliphole onahole
Sun 16 March 2008
British Engineering Systems' Intelligent Vibrator Project
Tags: vibrators toys diy bes
Mon 07 January 2008
Rez HD and the return of Trance Vibration
Tags: trancevibrator rez vibrators toys videogames
Tue 25 December 2007
Arse Elektronika Presentation: One Big Clip, Thanks to Vimeo
Tags: events arseelektronika presentations teledildonics toys
Tue 04 December 2007
Rubbot Test Video
Tags: rubbot toys diy
Tue 13 November 2007
Dildo and Screwdriver Set. Both at the same time.
Tags: tools toys silly
Thu 25 October 2007
Rubbot: Mmmmm, donuts
Tags: toys rubbot
Sun 26 August 2007
It's on now, bitches.
Tags: haptics electrostim toys wiimote
Thu 09 August 2007
The Fuckable Falcon
Tags: haptics novint falcon diy toys fleshlight
Tue 31 July 2007
Kanojo Toys goes to the Adult Treasure Expo
Tags: events japan toys
Wed 16 May 2007
Artificial Means: Our New Theme Song!
Tags: silly toys
Thu 03 May 2007
BodiTalk: Phoning it in
Tags: ohmibod suki bodytalk toys audio vibrators
Thu 19 April 2007
An Odd Day for Sex
Tags: robots toys
Sun 08 April 2007
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Modern Audio Toys
Tags: audioh ohmibod audio toys vibrators ibuzz
Sun 01 April 2007
Teddy Babes
Tags: dolls toys
Sun 04 March 2007
The Drmn' Trance Vibe: NOW ON SALE
Tags: trancevibe rez drmntrancevibe vibrators toys
Sat 03 March 2007
Virtual Hole: Take Zero
Tags: virtualhole segment toys
Thu 22 February 2007
The Virtual Sex Stroker
Tags: toys
Tue 06 February 2007
Remote Control Golf Ball
Tags: toys silly
Mon 11 September 2006
Lego Vibrator - The Fuck-o-matic
Tags: toys lego vibrator
Fri 26 May 2006
Meat Tenderizer
Tags: toys silly meattenderizer kitchen
Tue 23 May 2006
The DIY TranceVibe Project
Tags: toys diy trancevibrator rez drmntrancevibe
Tue 02 May 2006
Happy Kitty goes on sale!
Tags: toys happykitty
Wed 05 April 2006
The Kingdom Hearts Vibrator
Tags: toys vibrator kingdomhearts disney
Mon 27 February 2006
Tags: toys diy
Tue 21 February 2006
The iBrator
Tags: silly ibrator vibrators toys
Fri 17 February 2006
Je Joue Part 2: My God, I Think I Might be Impressed
Tags: jejoue programming pleasurewear toys
Fri 17 February 2006
Je Joue Programmable Vibrator
Tags: jejoue programming toys
Thu 02 February 2006
The Full Stroke
Tags: toys fleshlight priceless fullstroke
Thu 02 February 2006
USB Vibrator Ranks #1 on Weird Device List
Tags: toys usb vibrators
Tue 24 January 2006
Virtual Reality Sex Machine
Tags: toys fleshlight vr interactivefleshlight
Sun 15 January 2006
Handjob Machine: Mystery Solved, with ENGRISH!
Tags: toys handjobs handjobmachine
Sun 15 January 2006
This is Not My Beautiful Vibrator!: Talking Head Vibrators
Tags: toys talkinghead vibrators rabbitvibrator
Wed 11 January 2006
Vibrating Cam Dildo
Tags: toys dildocam vibrators
Sun 11 December 2005
SeXBox Version 4 - The defeat of the Pink Sparkly Buttplug of Doom
Tags: sexbox projects toys
Sat 03 December 2005
SexBox v3, or "The One Someone Else Made"
Tags: toys sexbox diy
Tue 29 November 2005
The Atari Vibe
Tags: toys homemadesextoys atari vibrator
Mon 28 November 2005
50 Cent Vibrators: The Rapper, Not the Amazon Products
Tags: toys 50cent vibrators
Sat 26 November 2005
Slightest Touch
Tags: electrostim slightesttouch toys
Fri 25 November 2005
Solar Powered Vibrator
Tags: toys solar vibrators
Wed 23 November 2005
The Tentacle Dildo
Tags: toys zeta tentacle dildo
Fri 18 November 2005
The Japanese Handjob Machine
Tags: japan handjob toys
Mon 14 November 2005
The iBuzz
Tags: toys ibuzz vibrator audio
Thu 10 November 2005
Tags: toys smell mobile
Sat 05 November 2005
How Shit Works: Drawing Power from USB Ports
Tags: usb power toys article
Wed 02 November 2005
DildoCams For Sale
Tags: dildocam toys
Tue 18 October 2005
The Toy: Bluetooth Cellphone Fun with the World's Most Nondescript Name
Tags: toys thetoy bluetooth vibrator teledildonics mobile rc
Mon 10 October 2005
The Ijaculator
Tags: ijaculator toys
Thu 29 September 2005
The ButtKicker
Tags: toys buttkicker audio
Thu 15 September 2005
Ghett-oh: Audi-oh fo' da po'
Tags: toys vibrator audioh ghettoh diy
Thu 15 September 2005
Highjoy and Jenna Jamison form like a really weak Voltron
Tags: toys teledildonics highjoy jennajamison
Tue 13 September 2005
The All-In-One Package
Tags: homemadesextoys toys
Wed 07 September 2005
Tags: amazon vibrators toys
Sun 21 August 2005
Amazon Sells Sex Toys: A Sex Toy Modder's DREAM
Tags: toys amazon vibrators
Mon 25 July 2005
Vixen Creations Invents New Type of Synthetik Skin
Tags: toys cyberskin vixskin dildos
Sun 17 July 2005
Substation: Ergonomics applied to Oral Sex
Tags: ergonomics furniture toys
Mon 27 June 2005
Sex Toy Manufacturing in China
Tags: toys toysinmotion china production
Sat 25 June 2005
Mod Rez Trancevibe to work with any vibrator
Tags: diy toys trancevibrator rez reztrancevibrator
Tue 14 June 2005
Nobra's Silicone Dreams
Tags: teledildonics toys nobras
Mon 06 June 2005
Utopex: New teledildonics company featuring online spanker
Tags: utopex teledildonics toys
Thu 02 June 2005
How Shit Works: Vibrators
Tags: toys articles vibrators
Sat 07 May 2005
Phone line powered vibrator
Tags: toys vibrators phoneline diy
Thu 05 May 2005
Rabbit Vibes available for research
Tags: toys vibrators
Sat 30 April 2005
Radio Controlled Sexings Continue!
Tags: toys rf diy vibrators
Sat 30 April 2005
More DIY Sex Toy Fun
Tags: toys rf diy vibrators
Sat 09 April 2005
Encyclopedia RezTranceVibratora
Tags: rez trancevibrator vibrator toys
Tue 22 March 2005
The VibraExciter
Tags: toys vibrators sexdrive
Tue 01 March 2005
For everyone that was wondering...
Tags: sexbox dildos toys
Thu 20 January 2005
The state of teledildonics
Tags: teledildonics toys