Happy Kitty goes on sale!

What rolls down stairs and over in pairs and... No, wait, that's Log.

We're sick of log. You can get Log in any store these days.

Why settle for Log when you can have the newest in female pleasure technology? (Things like this are why I'm never, ever allowed to write ad copy, ever)

The Happy Kitty Massager is the newest toy out on the market, made by awesome, smart people who actually care about making something that will provide pleasure versus making a quick buck by manufacturing something curved and pokey. Regina Lynn has already had wonderful things to say about them, and having talked to the engineers myself, I must say, god damn, they're pimpin'. Possibly big.

So, go buy 1. Or 14. Or just 1. 'cause there's only 2000 in the first run, and you won't wanna deprive 13 other people. Unless you plan on wearing the thing out. Which you probably won't, because it's quality hardware. But, if you're one of those paranoid types, by all means, stock up.