SexBox v3, or "The One Someone Else Made" - PDF File, 668k

Slashdong has some pretty awesome users. Oh, who are we kidding, if you read this, you are a fuckin' genius. Who needs MENSA when you can assemble your own sex toys?

Every once in a while, we even get project plans from our readers, which we sit on for 4 months, lose in one of our email boxes, then finally find again, dust off, and feel like total assholes for. It's with this fanfare we present the SexBox v3, better known as "The One Someone Else Made".

This was submitted to us back in June by board user Martinus. Basically, it's the SeXBox v2, except instead of running the motor control wires through jacks in the back of the controller, he uses a save cart slot and modified cart in order to have wires run out the back, meaning you've got a modular system with no cords in the way of your grip!

Disclaimer: Just because we think you're all geniuses doesn't mean we trust you one bit. Slashdong, Nonpolynomial Labs, and its affiliates take no responsibility for you following these instructions. The opinions expressed within the linked PDF are those of the author, and do not reflect the general stance of Slashdong (other than the fact that we all like to hook sex toys up to stuff). Proceed with caution, be safe, don't die.