The Toy Returns - This Time on Android

My god, they really, actually lived through the past 5 years. I first reported on The Toy 5 years ago, and at that point, no one could get the badly named bluetooth dildo controlable via SMS messages to work. I knew at least 4 people who had one, I'm not sure I ever found anyone who got it working on the old bluetooth interface. So, without a product ever reported working, they lasted through 'til today, and have just released a new control application for Google's Android Mobile Phone OS. This is now the second Android vibrator control app I'm aware of, dildroid being the other. It's also yet another application that will never appear on your iPhone, due to the nature of the product and Apple's App Store policies. Truly, Android is the OS choice for the pocket phone perv (Yes, google, that's CC licensed text, so you can use it as a slogan).


The control application apparently allows you to hook into the SMS capabilites of whatever Android based phone you have, and send information to other people that own The Toy in order to control... their toy. Have I mentioned how much I hate the name of this product? The googlability is just next to impossible. Marketing is not the place to try and be a platonic ideal.

So, we'll see if this ends up working out or not. I'm still surprised that they've lived this long with no good reports or reviews, and if they try bringing the word 'bluedildonics' into the fucking vocabulary of the internet again, I will be wishing them into an even speedier death next time. Seriously, it's just a stupid word, people. Even more so than teledildonics. Bluedildonics sounds like some sort of technological necrophilia.

via The Same Lady I Got The First News On This From 5 Years Ago - Congrats on still beating me to the scoop after all these years, Regina. :D