The Toy: Bluetooth Cellphone Fun with the World's Most Nondescript Name

The Toy is a bluetooth vibrator that bonds with cell phones. Text messages to the phone will trigger up to 7200 different motor patterns.

Now let me repeat. BLUETOOTH. BLUEFUCKINGTOOTH. That means you can walk around with the horribly sexy toy in use, with the controller in your pocket. Anyone who has your phone number instantly becomes a Dom/me. It's the best unwitting BDSM you'll ever have! (Please note: we realize the horribly questionable ethics of this. But still, fun!)

Now, in these times of Google being an oft-used verb, you have two choices when you choose a product name. You can choose a nice, unique name that will have you standing out because of the lack of use, or you can choose "The Toy". Now, I'm not saying The Toy is not a good product. I absolutely adore the design, and the carrying case is an awesome touch. But please, please tell me that they're going to let others rebrand it or something, 'cause just calling it "The Toy" is gonna be hella confusing.

Currently no price available or distribution info available.

via Sex Drive Daily Blog