Teddy Babes

So you've built that wonderful piece of machinery to do whatever it is that gets you off, and now, for some reason which I won't question 'cause I'm open-minded like that, you need an inanimate female object to mount it to something. Why settle for a simple stand when you can really crank up the creepy factor and use a plush female? Clocking in at a little under ten times less than the cost of a Real Doll, Teddy Babes claim to be "the most sensual, warm, and unique love dolls ever created".

And yeah, it gets worse.

"Remember when you were a kid and used to cuddle up at night with your favorite teddy bear? Well, now you're all grown up, and a beautiful plush girlfriend is waiting to share your bed!"

Remember, just because you own a company doesn't mean you're instantly a good copywriter. And when you creep out someone that hangs out at furry cons anyways, you've done fucked up but good. But they kinda make up for it with this picture.

Aw yeah. Teddy Babes diggin' themselves some Slayer.

Anyway, the dolls come with a hole which can accommodate "many conventional silicone or latex inserts", so your toy of choice might just fit, and cloth is a hell of a lot easier to repair than the stuff real doll uses... But then there's a whole cleaning issue.


via monochrom