Time to cover more sex toy crowd sourcing campaigns! Even if they aren't computer connected or dragon throats. For anyone wondering /why/ I'm doing this, I consider this my chance to be an armchair marketing guru. I've watched many large advertising campaigns try to get people to stick their fiddly bits into electronics. Smaller ventures convince them to throw cash at The Emperor's New Fucktube makes for some interesting approaches. Sometimes it even works, too!

When I see an image like

as the opener for a sex toy crowdsourcing campaign, I know I'm in for a treat...

I dunno. I kinda can't stop staring at it and trying to mentally insert the sound the bouncy rubber part makes. I've been trying for at least 15 minutes. This is the closest I've gotten so far.

Anyways, what you see there is the inside of The Autoblow 2, the sequel to The Autoblow. According to the website, the Autoblow a game changer in that...

virtually all male toys either required you to hold something and move your hand up and down or were automated but created as toys, not appliances

I'm not sure where either side of this argument comes from. There's tons of automated male toys out there. But apparently those that are aren't appliances.

I have no clue about their definition of appliance in this context. Maybe it refers to having replaceable parts? That's actually a good idea, after all. Being an "appliance" is supposed to be a standout thing I guess, but I honestly can't see myself storing the Autoblow next to my Vitamix and Kitchenaid, even if they all basically perform the same task.

Here's the pitch video:

Classy. But hey, the purveyor of the toy guarantees you that it WON'T SHOCK YOUR DICK, even while advertising an electrostim buttplug on the front page of his store. But I guess your butt isn't your dick.


The toy uses a ball/spring-binding mechanism attached to a linear actuator run by a small motor in the bottom. This isn't really anything new, as toys have used ball/spring binding for tensioning for years. Remember the horrible mermaid toy dissection we posted video of a few years ago? It had a similar mechanism, though on a much shorter actuator.

The campaign has already netted $8000 of the $45000 needed in 4 days, which isn't a bad pace. One of the positive differences I see in this campaign is the fact they're an established brand. There's lots of talk about having a supply chain set up in China, and the store has been around for years, so unlike, say, LovePalz, there's actually a chance the thing might ship vaguely on time and pretty much like what it looks like in the picture. Whether that's a good thing is another question entirely.

In closing, for some reason this line out of the campaign particularly tickled me.

I am aware that gay men in particular might not want a vagina sleeve. If its the case that you are gay, and don't want your vagina sleeve, perhaps you can be a pal and pass it along to a friend!

Now I want one just so I can call up a straight male friend, meet them for coffee somewhere, hand them the vagina sleeve and be like "Hey, your people like these things, right?"