The Substation: Ergonomics applied to Oral Sex

Ergonomics is a hot topics these days, as I'm sure most everyone knows (as they type our URL in on their split keyboard adjusted to perfect wrist height while sitting in their Aerons). Just like computer usage, sex can require people to be in odd positions for long periods of time, causing undue pain (unless you're into stress positions, in which case, you might as well skip this post). Some governments have even begun setting up ergonomics guidelines for their sex workers.

The Substation creates an ergonomic environment designed by women, for women, with female oral sex in mind. Instead of having to bend in weird positions and worry about stress on the knees (damn rug burn), this chair provides an ideal situation for the giver and receiver. It comes with height-adjustable leg supports and the option of bondage d-rings. It doubles as a nice, fairly inconspicuous piece of bedroom furniture, too!