Nobra's Silicone Dreams - Custom Dildos with decently priced internet hardware and free software!

From Germany comes Nobra's Silicone Dreams, vibrators and dildos in pretty much every shape and size you can possibly imagine, and some you probably never thought of. They look incredibly well made, and come in every color you could possibly need to match your outfit every day of the week.

In addition to all of that, they distribute reasonably priced internet hardware for their vibrators, along with free, no-subscription-service-needed software. It even comes with plugins for mIRC so you can use it through any IRC server, and from what I can tell, it also works with some of the games that the software developer writes and distributes.

Don't want to pay for the box? Instructions and board layouts are provided! I KNEW someone else had to be doing this, I guess I just needed to look outside of the US. :)

Now all I need is an english translation of the Nobra page. All of those years of listening to Einsturzende Neubauten don't seem to be doing me much good when trying to read German webpages.

via Fleshbot