Nothing like continuing to kick off the sex tech blog where I never talk about porn or sex by talking about porn. SEX PORN.

Or... well, sex porn advertising. Sorta.

Kanojo Toys, one of my favorite toy websites just for the sheer amount of weird things they sell to westerners at an insane markup because hey it's Japanese, has put up an XTube account with a model showing how to use various toys they sell.

Cyclone Demo Video Image

Now, this wouldn't be all that out of the ordinary, except for the fact that Kanojo sells a LOT of toys specifically oriented to the male gender, but it's the same female model in every video. She's... VERY excited about using these toys even though there's not really a lot going on for her. Can't fault the enthusiasm though. Some other examples:

It's an interesting sales pitch, to say the least. I wouldn't have thought of a lesbian love doll scene as a marketing strategy, but I suppose it works. You could probably insert something about gender juxtaposition as a sales tactic, too. I will leave that up to you, though.

via TokyoKinky