Rubbot: Mmmmm, donuts

This is the Rubbot.

It's apparently a new sex toy for men currently in development by Design Collective in San Francisco. I hadn't heard of it before tonight (thank you very much Technorati search on Teledildonics, but it seems to have been in development for a while, and the webpage is great! There's explanations of the basic mechanical ideas behind the toy, as well the the aesthetic design factors. So what's it do?

It uses what they're calling The Inch Worm Concept to roll itself up and down your penis. That's gonna be a very, very interesting mechanism.

Right now, they're looking for all sorts of ideas. Would you use it? What would you have control it? Gather up those ideas and head to their blog! I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this and will of course update Slashdong more as I find out.