Ok, first off, the new stuff. The WiibratorLink developers have been nice enough to send me more information on the product.

Here's the presentation they gave on it, which, while in German, is still pretty, um, language-agnosticly obvious about the usage and interaction models:

And, some facts...

  • Update: The OIOO add-on has a vibration motor in it, due to the fact that the feedback control for the motor in the Wiimote itself is simply on/off.
  • The product's name, OIOO, is the combination of the names for the male and female parts. The male portion (the round hole part) is named 00, and the female portion (the pokey part) 01, referring to both the chromosome identification and 0/1 because it's a digital toy.
  • Interaction happens through the digital pad, the two buttons and the accelerometer. There are two modes, Private and Link.
  • For what I'm guessing is Private Mode, the B-Button generates "Power Vibration", while the A-Button sets it to normal vibration with the digital control (directional pad) allowing for speed control.
  • Link mode I believe is demoed in the video, where one controller is used to simulate motion while the other vibrates. This relates to the main research goal of the project, translating actual human movement into sexual communication.
  • With the multiple open source libraries available for the Wiimote, internet communication (Telewiildonics?) and other controls should be quickly and easily doable.

So, yeah, the wii dildo is actually gonna happen. Now, it's not the first time anyone has had this idea, but it's the first time it hasn't been vaporware as a completely hardware and software solution. Here's a quick timeline of wiimote sex happenings:

  • January 2007: The wiildo.com domain is bought, and subsequently squatted upon, leaving those of us that would've totally bought it and squatted on it kicking ourselves. Crappy image placeholder is still all that exists there today

That's everything I'm aware for the moment, at least.