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Fri 26 February 2016
I Now Own The Domain
Tags: metafetish silly
Tue 18 February 2014
Sex Toys With Googly Eyes
Tags: sextoys silly googlyeyes
Tue 16 April 2013
Physics Glorious Physics
Tags: physics silly
Mon 10 December 2012
Heatwatch II
Tags: silly teledildonics
Mon 02 August 2010
Deldo - The Sex Toy and Teledildonics Mode for Emacs
Tags: projects emacs silly teledildonics vibrators software
Sun 18 April 2010
In which qDot reveals how much of a nerd he is...
Tags: silly videogames
Sat 01 August 2009
The Penistron
Tags: silly toys
Mon 27 July 2009
The Most Important Teledildonics Yet
Tags: silly diy projects teledildonics
Tue 31 March 2009
Halflife Crowbar Dildo
Tags: silly dildos videogames
Tue 22 July 2008
The Jesus Sensor
Tags: silly robots
Tue 13 May 2008
Comics Crosspost Time
Tags: silly
Tue 13 November 2007
Dildo and Screwdriver Set. Both at the same time.
Tags: tools toys silly
Sun 19 August 2007
qDot + Falcon = Oh Lord No
Tags: novint falcon haptics diy silly
Tue 31 July 2007
It's Funny Because It's Named Funny With A Funny Author Name
Tags: silly science
Tue 12 June 2007
Tags: vibrators silly
Wed 16 May 2007
Artificial Means: Our New Theme Song!
Tags: silly toys
Fri 13 April 2007
Latex for Blogger!
Tags: silly latex
Tue 10 April 2007
Let me see your papers!
Tags: silly
Sun 01 April 2007
YouTubeZoo: Porn For Your Pets
Tags: silly
Wed 28 March 2007
Chemistry Not Sexy Enough?
Tags: air science silly
Tue 06 February 2007
Remote Control Golf Ball
Tags: toys silly
Wed 27 September 2006
Those headphones are totally doing it.
Tags: towatei headphones silly
Fri 15 September 2006
Amazon: Your source for used condoms
Tags: amazon condoms silly
Mon 31 July 2006
Harmonic Sex Change
Tags: silly lookaroundyou
Thu 08 June 2006
The Joystick
Tags: silly meat bacon
Mon 29 May 2006
Battling Seizure Robot Condoms
Tags: silly japan condoms anime
Fri 26 May 2006
Meat Tenderizer
Tags: toys silly meattenderizer kitchen
Fri 12 May 2006
Acrobat: The next big porn app?
Tags: acrobat adobe porn silly
Tue 21 February 2006
The iBrator
Tags: silly ibrator vibrators toys
Fri 30 December 2005
Searches... We get searches... We get stacks and stacks of searches...
Tags: slashdong silly
Tue 08 November 2005
Mac S&M
Tags: mac apple bdsm silly
Thu 13 October 2005
Futurologist Predicts BoobPod
Tags: silly boobpod futurists
Sat 16 July 2005
Rectaltronics: MILSpec Butt Plugs
Tags: buttplugs silly
Fri 17 June 2005
Haptic Cow Butt Simulator
Tags: silly haptics cowbutt
Tue 31 May 2005
Woomba: The little robot that cleans your lady parts
Tags: silly robots roomba woomba
Fri 27 May 2005
Linux Sex. *sigh*
Tags: silly linux
Fri 27 May 2005
Hot Gamecube on Gamecube Action
Tags: silly gamecube videogames