So I'm totally like, sitting here look at the back of the Maxbotix EZ-1 to make sure I have the pin-outs correct, as I was gonna use it as a test sensor for the kite. Mount it on the tail, and like, have the red LEDs flicker as range changed from near to far. Cutesy rocket engine simulation.

So, anyways, here's what it looks like.

So yeah... Starin'... starin'... Pins are correct... Wait, what pin is '1st'... Hey... is that a Fis.... SWEET FUCKING JESUS, IT'S JESUS.

So yeah, there's a 1st, cross, and fish on this sensor. I totally was not fucking expecting that. Funny thing is, I borrowed this sensor from Matt Ganucheau during the Moaning Lisa project. Moaning Lisa ended up staying at the Porn Palace/Dungeon after AE, and as far as I know, is still there. There's been rumors that it was one of the most fucked on/in/around objects at the dungeon for a while.

So right now, at the dungeon, there's a mannequin with 1st-fish-cross sensor eyes that has seen more carnal acts than anyone can dream of.