Futurologist Predicts BoobPod

I originally picked this up on Ananova, but as with everything on Ananova, I wasn't really sure it was true. However, plugging in "bt technologies mp3 breast implant" to google brought up the paper that mentions it. According to a BT Futurologist (I want that job. "I predict... BIOLUMINESCENT ICE CREAM!"), one of the things we could look forward to in the future is implants that serve multiple purposes, replacing items we usually carry with items that go everywhere because they're in us. As an example, he mentions breast implants with MP3 players in them. ("Mammory Memory". God I love academic humor.)

pause for everyone to make Tune In Tokyo jokes

Now, I'm all for implants. The second I get the $500 or so free for a nice HiTag RFID with 2k storage and crypt and a reader, you can bet your ass I'm getting me an RFID implant. However, a BoobPod? This sort of reminds me of Jude Law as the robowhore in AI (best part of the movie O M G). Just slap some titties and there's the Barry White. It's strangely romantic.

Ok, no it's not.