Deldo - The Sex Toy and Teledildonics Mode for Emacs

If it weren't for sex robots, I'd never get laid, 'cause, well, of this video right here.

Yup. Remember a few years ago when we had a finger interface to the trancevibe? I decided to kick that up a notch and take the environment I love to new, questionable heights.

Deldo is a vibrator control package for emacs. Currently, it just works with Trancevibrator compatible toys, but it'd be very easy to move this to other toys.

With Deldo, you can trigger vibration on anything that can have a hook in emacs, which is just about everything. Spelling corrections, compilation errors, recieving email, whatever it is, it can vibrate or shock or thrust or whatever now.

The source is available on my github account,