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Sat 26 May 2012
Arse Elektronika 2012 Call for Papers
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Sun 05 September 2010
qDot goes to Europe. Again.
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Tue 15 June 2010
Erotic HCI at NordiCHI 2010
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Sun 28 March 2010
Arse Elektronika - Technosexual Bodies Exhibition in Hong Kong, April 1-27
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Fri 20 November 2009
qDot on FM4 and Presenting Tonight at Vienna Art Week
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Wed 23 September 2009
Arse Elektronika 2009 Next Week!
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Mon 20 July 2009
The Naughty Maps of ESRI 2009
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Mon 29 June 2009
Arse Elektronika 2009 - Call for Papers
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Sun 31 August 2008
Arse Elektronika 2008 - Registration Open
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Fri 06 June 2008
qDot speaking at Unc's Colloquia Series - Thursday, June 12 - Edges (South Bay)
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Wed 09 April 2008
qDot on Panel at Leather Leadership Conference 2008
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Sun 16 March 2008
Slides from ETech, and a resolution
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Sun 17 February 2008
Upcoming Conference List
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Tue 25 December 2007
Arse Elektronika Presentation: One Big Clip, Thanks to Vimeo
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Sun 04 November 2007
Arse Elektronika - Electric Orifice Orchestra
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Mon 22 October 2007
More Arse Elektronika Video
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Mon 08 October 2007
Arse Elektronika - Moaning Lisa Presentation
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Wed 03 October 2007
Arse Elektronika - This weekend!
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Fri 24 August 2007
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Wed 08 August 2007
Stupid Conference Tricks (SIGGRAPH 2007): Wiibrator Port to OS X
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Sat 04 August 2007
Hmm, maybe I will have something... (qDot - Live from SIGGRAPH)
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Tue 31 July 2007
Kanojo Toys goes to the Adult Treasure Expo
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Tue 31 July 2007
Sex::Tech Conference: Call for Participation
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Sat 09 June 2007
qDot speaking at Writers With Drinks - Saturday, June 9th
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Wed 23 May 2007
qDot Speaking at DorkBotSF Tomorrow
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Mon 14 May 2007
Sex Hacks Talk, Monday, 05.21.2007, San Francisco
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Tue 13 March 2007
Podcast of SXSW Panel on Sex and Technology
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Thu 22 February 2007
Conference Schedule for March
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Wed 10 January 2007
Pornography and Technology at 23C3
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Tue 14 November 2006
SXSW 2007 - Here we go again
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Tue 22 August 2006
Video of qDot's Talk at SLCC
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Sun 20 August 2006
SLCC, In Pictures (Or, well, Picture)
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Sat 19 August 2006
qDot Speaking at SLCC Today, Video Stream Available
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Thu 20 April 2006
Sexual Interactions/SIGCHI 2006: Day 1
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Fri 07 April 2006
MMOrgy: SXSW Panel/Conference Wrapup
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Wed 22 March 2006
GDC - Mission Accomplished
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Tue 21 March 2006
GDC. Wow. Damn. GDC.
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Fri 10 March 2006
Liveblogging from SXSW Interative
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Tue 07 March 2006
Pictures from Slashdong 1st Birthday Party in SL
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Sat 04 March 2006
Slashdong Party Tonight on SL!
Tags: events slashdong birthday secondlife
Wed 01 March 2006
Slashdong Birthday Party in Second Life - Saturday, March 4th, 2006 - 5PM PST Until ???
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Wed 11 January 2006
MMOrgy: Evergreen Events annouces Sex In Games Conf
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Wed 11 January 2006
qDot to speak at Sex in Video Games Conference
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Wed 11 January 2006
qDot to speak at GDC
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Fri 09 December 2005
See me speak at SXSW Interactive 2006!
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Mon 28 November 2005
Sexual Interactions 2006 Workshop at SIGCHI
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Tue 25 October 2005
One down, one to go...
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Wed 19 October 2005
Coming Attractions, and qDot's Two Stop World Tour
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Sun 19 June 2005
Podcast of Violet Blue's Teledildonics Presentation now available
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Sun 12 June 2005
DiGRA Conference this week focuses on immersive environments
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Fri 03 June 2005
Teledildonics demo a rousing success
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Wed 01 June 2005
Dorkbot Presentation tonight, location change and performer annouced
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Tue 24 May 2005
Teledildonics presentation at Dorkbot::SF next week
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