So I'm all about short notice speaking engagements these days!

I'm speaking tomorrow night as part of a rather impromptu Dorkbot at the Porn Palace here in SF. Who knows, maybe I'll finally get to meet the people. At which point, the universe will implode on itself.

Anyways, info:

Dorkbot SF

Wednesday, May 23, 2007(7:30 PM)

The Porn Palace

415 Jessie Street

San Francisco


To cap off this weekend's craziness and take advantage of

maker faire folks in town being here to party with us,

and due to popular request, we're doing an impromptu

dorkbot this wed.!

Violet Blue - Pain Boys and Electro-Stim Interview with Kyle Machulis

Monochrom - and their latest projects

Shifz - Cocktail Robotics

Team Unicorn (amy jenkins, liisa pine, wendi flybutter) - Triumph of Chastity the Legend of the Unicorn

Amy's flickr set

Kyle Machulis (qDot) - his latest projects

Guest MC and Host Jacob Appelbaum

FREE ADMISSION but donations are highly encouraged. All proceeds will go to the San Francisco Crisis Center


For full details, including attendance, visit: