Originally written by qDot for mmorgy.com

Ok, so I realize SXSW ended damn near a month ago, but I never did get a chance to post about all of the wonderful, wonderful press that came out of our session there.

GuideLive - SXSW: Sex By Southwest Reciprocal Demand - Austin Chronical Sex Alive and Well in Video Games - CNet SXSW: My Blue World: Game Experts Give Red Light Talk Fleshbot - Sex in Video Games at SXSW

Lots of good press from the panel, though my favorite has to be the GuideLive article. Finally, quotes I wanted to see in the press, like:

"Instead of having to be a person, you can be pretty much anything
you want," said Kyle Machulis, founder of cybersex toy maker
Nonpolynomial Labs. "You can have crazy plasma sex with a floating
hammer." You can laugh, but the heart rate of some reader out
there just increased.

I'm sure a majority of the readers here just had that heart rate increase, heeee.