Bought to you by THE THRILLHAMMER, because god damnit. It's good shit.

Ok, well, this is at least a conference about sex, versus a conference about video games where I happen to be talking about sex, so blogging it is a little more feasable. But we all know my track record with this shit by now. Being stubborn about conference liveblogging is something that I'll get over someday, but I've got a LOT more therapy before that happens.

So, I'm in Montreal. Usually I'm all about studying up for trips, knowing where I'm going, so on and so forth. This time, nothin'. I got a map like, 10 minutes before I left, just in case. Sure enough, I show up, and my travel buddy, Allen Stein of the Thrillhammer (did I mention it's good shit?) is unfortunately stuck in the wrong part of the wrong country until tomorrow. So, I'm in a foriegn country. And you know what's in foreign countries?

%lt;American Traveler>

That's right, foreign people! And they all speak funny! Especially when you've been on a plane for a bazillion hours (read: 4)!

My 2 years of high school french is not holding up well at all here, luckily everyone seems to have a better grasp on both French AND English than I do, so it's all good.

%lt;/American Traveler>

Which brings us to the main reason for this trip. Sure, there's a conference and all, but really.


It's my first time in Eastern Canadia, and the legend of the poutine is something that's been passed down over the millenia, through tribes and oral tradition and the internet and has somehow found its way to me. I have recommendations of places to try, and my god, I plan to try all of them. Of course, I'll probably make it to one and then have a raging case of the itis for the rest of the trip, but what can you do.

The search almost began this evening. Getting into the hotel late tonight, I asked the desk guy for places to eat, and he said there was a Burger King down the street. I was not aware that BK had poutine, but it does.

And really, I almost did it. I almost bought poutine at Burger King. But I could't possibly let that be my first real eastern canadian poutine experience. That's like losing your virginity to a crack whore. Which, where the burger king was located, was also an actual option.

Cleanest sex district I've ever been in, though.