Dorkbot Teledildonics Presentation goes off with minor hitches

Last post about this, I swear.

So last night, packets chock full of pussy grinding goodness flew across the country from SF to NY in what was probably the largest public teledildonics demo in (my) recent memory. Other than the ever present "Oops someone forgot to plug it in problem" (which makes up a larger percentage of my problems than I want to talk about), 2 orgasms were delivered thanks to TCP/IP and a little TLC (God I've been waiting to use that all week).

I will also be using "Hey, if you want to watch, I'm fucking her right now." to get attention from now on. Screw yelling "FIRE!".

If you want links to picture galleries and what not, check out Violet's blog.

I would also like to thank Violet for mentioning Slashdong as the source for all your Open Source Teledildonics needs. It's nice to know people know about us. :)