So there's a time when you realize you're about to, in however small a part, speak at one of the biggest conferences for one of the fastest growing modern industries, of which you are not currently a part of, and on a topic which is somewhat controversial.

Apparently that time is around 16 hours before it actually happens.

I have many stories to tell, and I'm sure many more to live through before this is all over, and I assure you, if the cold I decided to catch does not kill me (and it's certainly trying. Con crud is NOT supposed to apply to game conferences!), I'll post them here once I get time to write. Which currently looks like sometime in 2007.

But, to sum up the trip so far:

  • Made a pilgramage to San Francisco, sex toy capital of the world. Stopped by Good Vibrations, and contemplated buying a house just so I could take out an extra mortgage at Mr. S. Mr. S is so incredibly full of awesome. Yes it is.

  • GDC is overwhelming, and I've just been to the tutorial days. According to just about everyone, tomorrow is going to blow my fucking mind.

I came home early to do final sexbox testing, and pray to whatever diety will still listen to me that the fucking thing doesn't turn into a white smoke generator tomorrow for some reason.

Cross whatever you have that can be crossed for me. I will report back tomorrow.