Dorkbot Teledildonics Presentation tonight, location change and performer announced

Nothing like posting about the same event three times now, but it seems to have become a bit of a big deal now. As we've said, the Thrillhammer/Dorkbot SF Teledildonics is this evening. Unforutnatly, it seems that due to some media issues there has been a location change, so the presentation is now at rxGallery, 132 Eddy St. @ Mason in SF (not that it matters much for me anyways, as I'm in the waypoint between NY and SF, so I won't be enjoying either side of the presentation).

The performer manning (womanning? Heh. I silly.) the Thrillhammer for tonight will be NetMichelle, an incredibly pretty fetish model (bald girls with tattoos == yum).

Good luck to all involved, hope things go well! If anyone goes, please poke me with reports at [qdot at slashdong dot org][9].

info via Tiny Nibbles and The ThrillHammer

[9]: mailto:qdot at slashdong () org