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Wed 08 April 2015
Child of Eden Almost had a Rez Trancevibrator of Its Own
Tags: reztrancevibrator trancevibrator videogames
Mon 06 April 2015
In Tune: Consent Video Game with Skin Conductance Controls
Tags: videogames
Thu 25 July 2013
And the Oculus Rift Interactive Porn Winner is Custom Maid 3D with Ju-C!
Tags: videogames oculusrift toys
Mon 19 November 2012
Masturbation Challenge Interfaces - Fap Gauntlet and Cock Hero
Tags: videogames articles interfaces
Mon 14 March 2011
Scored Sex - VSex and Gamecrush
Tags: videogames teledildonics
Sat 18 December 2010
Thrixxx Kinect Video - Uncensored
Tags: videogames kinect
Fri 17 December 2010
OpenKinect Talk Video from NerdNite SF
Tags: videogames kinect
Wed 15 December 2010
Thrixxx makes Kinect interface to 3DSexVilla Game
Tags: videogames kinect
Tue 30 November 2010
Wiimote Sex, the Mojowijo, and Prior Art
Tags: wiimote oioo mojowijo videogames vibrators teledildonics
Sun 15 August 2010
Mojowijo - The Wiimote Vibrator, Round 2
Tags: wiimote oioo videogames vibrators teledildonics
Mon 10 May 2010
A bunch of links - 2010-05-10 Edition
Tags: toys videogames teledildonics
Sun 18 April 2010
In which qDot reveals how much of a nerd he is...
Tags: silly videogames
Wed 23 September 2009
Artivistic 2009 - Turn On
Tags: art videogames
Thu 09 July 2009
The Pelvotron 3000 - It's the pelvic thrust...
Tags: videogames art
Tue 31 March 2009
Halflife Crowbar Dildo
Tags: silly dildos videogames
Sun 13 July 2008
WiibratorLink Update and WiiSex Review
Tags: oioo wiimote teledildonics toys videogames
Wed 09 July 2008
WiibratorLink: the wiidildo, realized
Tags: wiimote vibrators teledildonics oioo videogames
Sun 11 May 2008
3Feel Released
Tags: 3feel videogames
Sun 11 May 2008
Immersion vibrates more than your games?
Tags: videogames haptics patents
Thu 10 April 2008
Too Much Information about the Interactive Fleshlight
Tags: articles interactivefleshlight fleshlight videogames toys
Thu 10 January 2008
Mindwire: Metal Gear shocked me in the nuts!
Tags: videogames electrostim mindwire
Mon 07 January 2008
Rez HD and the return of Trance Vibration
Tags: trancevibrator rez vibrators toys videogames
Wed 19 September 2007
It Vibrates: Episode 1
Tags: vibration haptics videogames
Mon 16 April 2007
Wheee, I'm in EGM!
Tags: press videogames
Thu 15 February 2007
XBox Video Chat - MS Sanctioned Teledildonics in 2004?
Tags: xbox videogames
Sun 10 September 2006
Brenda Brathwaite's Sex In Games Book Released
Tags: videogames sexingames
Tue 02 May 2006
Joba Horseriding Exercise Machine
Tags: videogames machines horseriding
Fri 09 December 2005
See me speak at SXSW Interactive 2006!
Tags: events sxsw videogames
Wed 23 November 2005
Tags: art videogames technolust wearables
Tue 22 November 2005
Video Games Meet the Fukoku 9000
Tags: fukoku videogames vibrators
Tue 01 November 2005
Research for Sex In Games Project needs Interviewees
Tags: videogames igda
Sun 16 October 2005
MMOrgy: New Nonpolynomial Network Site covering Sex in MMOs
Tags: mmorgy videogames
Wed 21 September 2005
Interview on IGDA Sex In Games Blog with qDot
Tags: videogames igda
Mon 19 September 2005
The (Sexual) Revolution?
Tags: videogames nintendo revolution wii wiimote
Mon 19 September 2005
Money does not breed maturity
Tags: videogames
Wed 17 August 2005
VGSex Reading Material
Tags: videogames
Sun 14 August 2005
Up and Coming Adult Video Game Studios
Tags: software videogames
Sun 14 August 2005
DreamStripper 3D: Like DOA Volleyball without the Volleyball or Clothing
Tags: software dreamstripper videogames
Fri 12 August 2005
New IGDA Sex In Games SIG and Blog
Tags: igda sig sexingames videogames
Mon 18 July 2005
On Using Video Games as Avatar Systems for Cybersex
Tags: articles videogames
Mon 18 July 2005
On Using Video Games as Avatar Systems for Cybersex
Tags: articles videogames avatars secondlife
Tue 12 July 2005
More info on 3Feel
Tags: software videogames teledildonics 3feel
Sun 10 July 2005
Guy Game officially banned, moves to video distribution
Tags: videogames guygame
Sun 10 July 2005
Very Strange Sims
Tags: sims videogames
Sun 10 July 2005
ESRB to investigate GTA Sex Minigame
Tags: hotcoffee gta esrb videogames
Mon 13 June 2005
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: Sex Game Unlock
Tags: videogames gta hotcoffee
Sat 11 June 2005
Battle Raper making its way to the PSP
Tags: battleraper videogames
Tue 07 June 2005
Will sex in games ever actually be sexy?
Tags: custersrevenge videogames
Fri 03 June 2005
Porn straight to the PSP
Tags: psp sony playstation videogames porn
Fri 27 May 2005
LowTech SexBox
Tags: videogames sexbox vibrators controllers
Fri 27 May 2005
Hot Gamecube on Gamecube Action
Tags: silly gamecube videogames
Fri 27 May 2005
Slashdong now covers video game n0rp!
Tags: videogames slashdong
Fri 20 May 2005
3Feel... Just like makin' lesbians in the sims, but with REAL monkeybumpin!
Tags: videogames korea teledildonics pokethedoll 3feel
Mon 16 May 2005
Cutting out the middle man
Tags: videogames playstation sony
Sun 27 February 2005
SeXBox - PS1/PS2 Compatible Method
Tags: sexbox videogames playstation projects
Thu 24 February 2005
SeXBox - Using Force Feedback Signals for Sex Toys
Tags: sexbox projects xbox videogames vibrators
Wed 23 February 2005
SeXBox - Force Feedback Luvin
Tags: sexbox xbox videogames projects