Mindwire: Metal Gear shocked me in the nuts!

DISCLAIMER: Don't fucking buy this. It is unsafe, there are no claims of isolation from the controller side, and you sure as shit don't wanna "connect it anywhere on your body". That being said, enjoy my blog post about it and please link to me as much as possible 'cause my hit count is in the shitter lately.

Leave it to someone outside the US to produce something so incredibly lawsuit worthy a million lawyers just totally ripped ninja boners.

The MindWire v5. Looks innocuous enough while sitting in its box, right?

Just wait 'til you put it on.

Yup. It's electrodes that go on your body to make your muscles spasm any time game controllers rumble. This is not a new idea by any means; the original SexBox project was based off the XShox homebrew project which is basically the same idea, except even more ghetto. However, the key word there was "homebrew". This is being manufactured, and is such a fucking bad idea.

The thing is, they don't even say as such on the front page. In fact, they even say:

Connect up to 5 small self adhesive pads to your arms, legs and stomach and feel the sensory feedback that mimics the game action.

Yes! Cross all sorts of paths right over your vital organs, all of which run off electrical pulses to keep your dumb ass alive!

Unfortunately, the idiot part of me really wants to get this and a 3rd Space Vest and make a bitchin' BDSM video game setup.

The MindWire v5, available now, only from their website (big surprise), for UKP129.99 + postage & packing. It's your funeral.