Video Games Meet the Fukoku 9000

Button mashing is still a very important skill in video games. That repetitive stress injury you picked up playing track and field in the 80's will still get you far today in quite a few handheld and party games. But in a world filled with mod chips, game genies, action replays, and other "rip all the difficulty out of the game and play it like a WUSS" toys, why even bother mashing when you can get a finger vibrator?

Now, those of us that play with ourselves regularly know about the Fukuoku 9000, the little finger attachable vibe. Well, someone realized this was a good idea for video games now too, and they've introduced a finger vibe that doesn't have an easily findable name. So, fukuoku owners, you can now put your sex toy to a new use, and weird DS vibe owners, well, you got a 2 for 1 bargain.

See, and people say the revolution controller is a sex toy?

via Kotaku