UPDATE For Visitors From March 2006 Wired Article: Since Wired had their heads supremely up their asses on their sex game article (2 unpublished games, 1 alpha game, 1 released game, and NO URLS. WTF?), here's a rundown of what's up. I haven't heard anything about 3Feel from CMNet since E3 of last year, which I'm guessing means they've yet to find a publisher. So, if you're coming here to find out where you can pick up the game, I'm sorry, but I have no clue. Assuming you can read Korean, you can find more info on the game at 3Feel.com. If you want more up to date info on Sex in Video Games, check out the IGDA's Sex in Games Blog

It looks like there's been more work happening on 3Feel. However, instead of talking about it myself, I'll let the press release do the talking for me.

Usually I wouldn't post a straight press release about a game, but the fact that they made a point to feature same sex relations in the game makes me feel like it's worth it to give it a little extra press.


3FEEL Community Sex Game has approached to sexual desires of adults in various angles making it real to its maximum in the game. This is a new conceptual community game that enables users to transfer their interpersonal feelings.

3FEEL stands for a sense of Sight, Hearing and Touch carrying a meaning that it transfers these 3 feelings to users. This is a game that can be enjoyed by adult users at their maximum satisfactions.


3FEEL is realized so as to make both users hear his or her partner's voice in real time viewing each other's figure adopting digital video camera and voice module for the first time in the game industry. Having embraced contents of existing adult sites and applied online games to in a balanced manner, 3FEEL enables users to get their sexual satisfaction to its maximum while enjoying game. It has a system in which users can receive a feeling realistically by linking vibrator to USB port.

Since all movements in the game are to be established by MOTION CAPTURE, users can enjoy natural graphics which are never to be interrupted nor having any absurdity. In 3FEEL, there are not many users involved in a game so that it is able to put emphasis on details and delicacies of character. These thus result a great advantage in 3FEEL game bringing more accurate and higher quality of graphics than other online games. Moreover, it exhibits individual tastes or characteristics, etc. about sex of each user, so then users can indulge into game feeling togetherness realistically with character on the opposite side.

Same Sex Gaming

We are ready to upgrade 3feel for same sex lovers.

May 2005 during the E3 convention in L.A something drew everybody's attention. The 3feel game booth, which was located in the South Korean hall, was the center of the heat. Combining sex and a game, 3feel is the world's first adult game to communicate in both directions making a step forward to cyber sex showed in the movie 'Demolition Man' by Sandra Bullock and Sylvester Stallone. (Slashdong Ed. Note: HOT DOGS!!! ARMOUR HOT DOGS!!!)

Playing 3feel, players have the game partner visual to win their attention during the game with sound dubbings and send them actual feeling through heptic technology.

Beside tasting and smelling the game is using all the senses of a human body like looking, listening and feeling.

The CEO. Shin Do Chul, says, "A game like 3feel is limited due to strict regulations in the Korean market, but we are looking for business partners in the world, and will soon provide service for the adult online game users." In addition, he mentioned that he was able to slough off stereotyped ideas, which he had while developing adult online games, through the E3 convention.

Cmnet is now ready to take the game to an upgraded version. Until now, the game was designed to be played by different sex types, but now Cmnet is working on an additional system for same sex lovers. Let's watch the development of how sexual freedom will be expressed in the cyber world.

Cmnet has thoroughly completed the basic systems of the game and is contacting game publishers for the international market

If you're interested in movies of the game, you can check them out at the OnGate E3. There's also some (non-adult, blah) in-game pictures linked below.

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