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Thu 28 July 2016
Venus 2000 Teardown Videos
Tags: venus2000 teardown diy toys
Fri 19 February 2016
RIP Comingle
Tags: comingle diy toys crowdfunding
Thu 18 February 2016
The Sex Toy Storage Cabinet That Chooses Toys For You
Tags: toys furniture diy arduino
Sat 11 April 2015
Orgasmastronics Master Beta Arduino Kit on Indiegogo
Tags: arduino diy crowdfunding indiegogo orgasmatronics
Sun 02 March 2014
Doctor Xtreme NSFW Arduino Workshop on March 29, 2014 in Denver, CO
Tags: doctorxtreme diy arduino workshops
Thu 20 February 2014
DragoMaw Vore Toys
Tags: vore onaholes diy
Wed 19 February 2014
The Electric Eel Digital Condom
Tags: condom sextoys diy
Mon 26 November 2012
Lelo Lyla RF/Arduino Control Hack, and a Hopeful Future
Tags: diy opensource arduino vibrators toys rf
Mon 03 September 2012
The Pen15 Board Now At Trinculo's Attic
Tags: pen15 diy opensource vibrators arduinos
Mon 27 July 2009
The Most Important Teledildonics Yet
Tags: silly diy projects teledildonics
Fri 19 September 2008
Strain-Gauge Based Light Controlling Stripper Pole
Tags: diy strippers
Tue 01 July 2008
Rubbot reaches Beta Phase
Tags: rubbot diy toys
Tue 13 May 2008
Open Source Teledildonics Projects
Tags: diy opensource teledildonics
Mon 05 May 2008
BES's Intelligent Vibrator Gets a Menu
Tags: bes vibrators diy
Sun 16 March 2008
British Engineering Systems' Intelligent Vibrator Project
Tags: vibrators toys diy bes
Tue 04 December 2007
Rubbot Test Video
Tags: rubbot toys diy
Mon 03 September 2007
The Jigsaw Massager
Tags: machines diy fucksall drilldo
Sun 19 August 2007
qDot + Falcon = Oh Lord No
Tags: novint falcon haptics diy silly
Thu 09 August 2007
The Fuckable Falcon
Tags: haptics novint falcon diy toys fleshlight
Tue 31 July 2007
Force Feedback Reality
Tags: projects diy avr
Sat 28 July 2007
I actually finished something!
Tags: torturedildonics diy avr projects
Thu 26 July 2007
Torturedildonics: Why not actually make one?
Tags: torturedildonics diy vibrators software
Sun 13 May 2007
Tags: projects ohmibod audio vibrators diy
Tue 23 May 2006
The DIY TranceVibe Project
Tags: toys diy trancevibrator rez drmntrancevibe
Mon 27 February 2006
Tags: toys diy
Thu 05 January 2006
Broadcasting live, 1700 miles away from AEE/Internext...
Tags: sexbox microcontrollers diy
Sat 03 December 2005
SexBox v3, or "The One Someone Else Made"
Tags: toys sexbox diy
Thu 15 September 2005
Ghett-oh: Audi-oh fo' da po'
Tags: toys vibrator audioh ghettoh diy
Tue 30 August 2005
DIY Remote Controlled Vibrator made by student for scavenger hunt
Tags: diy rc vibrator teledildonics
Sun 10 July 2005
The Better Built Bondage Book
Tags: diy bondage bdsm books
Sat 25 June 2005
Mod Rez Trancevibe to work with any vibrator
Tags: diy toys trancevibrator rez reztrancevibrator
Sat 07 May 2005
Phone line powered vibrator
Tags: toys vibrators phoneline diy
Sat 30 April 2005
Radio Controlled Sexings Continue!
Tags: toys rf diy vibrators
Sat 30 April 2005
More DIY Sex Toy Fun
Tags: toys rf diy vibrators
Thu 03 March 2005
Juice: Electricity in the Bedroom
Tags: uncleabdul electrostim books diy