Yeah, that's right. Who needs AEE anyways? Not Violet Blue, and CERTAINLY not me. Why should I spend MY hard earned money getting my ass to the happiest place on Earth to spend a weekend hanging out with porn stars and writing snarky shit about the newest and best commercial sex toys when I can sit here in sunny Oklahoma and pray that the wildfires don't kill my cattle and make Pa fall off the tractor (again)?

No, I'm not jealous of the 3 fucking people who decided it'd be fun to IM me from the SHOW FLOOR today bragging about the parties they're at. Not at fucking all. (If you're there, please send us news tidbits and moblog'd pictures, as we're already going to be stuck with whatever scraps Fleshbot and Regina throw us.)

So, anyways, enough of my little pity fest, welcome to Slashdong in 2006. Once hell week is over (first week of year is always a bitch for me at ye ol' daily grind makin' da robots), I'll be back to updating the page, but for now, here's the status of Slashdong.

That, right there, is a hedgehog. A really cute stuffed hedgehog that I got for christmas. Don't you just want to squeeze it?

Next to that is the AVR dev board I picked up, which, once I figure out this whole microcontroller thing, will be the guts of the first non-controller controlled (That doesn't sound right) version of the SeXBox. That's also the point at which it will stop being the SeXBox, as I will hopefully have come up with some spiffy new name that doesn't make Microsoft employees bristle and call lawyers when I say it in public speeches.

Now, I'm sure you're asking, "WTF, this is a simple motor control board, do you REALLY need a ATMega32? 40 fucking pins? Seriously?"

Yes, yes I do. I think.

Or it could just be the fact that AVR dev boards seemed to be the Tickle Me Elmo of the christmas season this year, and this was one that I could find that was in stock, had USB preinstalled, and was within my meager budget.

The development plan is as follows:

  • Make the LED on the board lightup - MILESTONE REACHED

  • Do a bunch of other stuff that makes this into a sex toy controller - Current Milestone

  • Profit - Goal Milestone

At least we've got that first step out of the way. I wrote to PORTB like a motherfucker, I did. Showed that LED whose boss.

It's gonna be a long dev road this time around, I think.