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Thu 09 April 2015
The PussyMeHow Kit.E - A Fake Vibrator for Fake Cats
Tags: vibrators animals
Mon 26 November 2012
Lelo Lyla RF/Arduino Control Hack, and a Hopeful Future
Tags: diy opensource arduino vibrators toys rf
Mon 03 September 2012
The Pen15 Board Now At Trinculo's Attic
Tags: pen15 diy opensource vibrators arduinos
Sat 15 October 2011
The Pen15 Board - Arduino Teledildonics Shield
Tags: projects opensource vibrators arduino
Tue 30 November 2010
Wiimote Sex, the Mojowijo, and Prior Art
Tags: wiimote oioo mojowijo videogames vibrators teledildonics
Sun 15 August 2010
Mojowijo - The Wiimote Vibrator, Round 2
Tags: wiimote oioo videogames vibrators teledildonics
Mon 02 August 2010
Deldo - The Sex Toy and Teledildonics Mode for Emacs
Tags: projects emacs silly teledildonics vibrators software
Sun 11 January 2009
Talking Head Vibrator: So close to Slayer, yet so far...
Tags: toys vibrators talkinghead
Wed 09 July 2008
WiibratorLink: the wiidildo, realized
Tags: wiimote vibrators teledildonics oioo videogames
Mon 05 May 2008
BES's Intelligent Vibrator Gets a Menu
Tags: bes vibrators diy
Sun 16 March 2008
British Engineering Systems' Intelligent Vibrator Project
Tags: vibrators toys diy bes
Mon 07 January 2008
Rez HD and the return of Trance Vibration
Tags: trancevibrator rez vibrators toys videogames
Thu 26 July 2007
Torturedildonics: Why not actually make one?
Tags: torturedildonics diy vibrators software
Sat 21 July 2007
Torturedildonics: Why fuck when you can be fucking annoying?
Tags: torturedildonics software vibrators franklinveaux
Tue 12 June 2007
Tags: vibrators silly
Sun 13 May 2007
Tags: projects ohmibod audio vibrators diy
Thu 03 May 2007
BodiTalk: Phoning it in
Tags: ohmibod suki bodytalk toys audio vibrators
Sun 08 April 2007
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Modern Audio Toys
Tags: audioh ohmibod audio toys vibrators ibuzz
Wed 14 March 2007
The Vibrator Control Protocol
Tags: protocols software vibrators
Sun 04 March 2007
The Drmn' Trance Vibe: NOW ON SALE
Tags: trancevibe rez drmntrancevibe vibrators toys
Tue 21 February 2006
The iBrator
Tags: silly ibrator vibrators toys
Thu 09 February 2006
Vibrating Headphones? No, really. Why?
Tags: headphones vibrators
Mon 06 February 2006
Inventing with 100 Cheapo Vibrators
Tags: vibrators amazon
Thu 02 February 2006
USB Vibrator Ranks #1 on Weird Device List
Tags: toys usb vibrators
Sun 15 January 2006
This is Not My Beautiful Vibrator!: Talking Head Vibrators
Tags: toys talkinghead vibrators rabbitvibrator
Wed 11 January 2006
Vibrating Cam Dildo
Tags: toys dildocam vibrators
Mon 28 November 2005
50 Cent Vibrators: The Rapper, Not the Amazon Products
Tags: toys 50cent vibrators
Fri 25 November 2005
Solar Powered Vibrator
Tags: toys solar vibrators
Tue 22 November 2005
Video Games Meet the Fukoku 9000
Tags: fukoku videogames vibrators
Sat 19 November 2005
The Touch Engine
Tags: haptics vibrators
Wed 07 September 2005
Tags: amazon vibrators toys
Sun 21 August 2005
Amazon Sells Sex Toys: A Sex Toy Modder's DREAM
Tags: toys amazon vibrators
Thu 02 June 2005
How Shit Works: Vibrators
Tags: toys articles vibrators
Thu 02 June 2005
How Shit Works - Vibrators
Tags: vibrators articles
Fri 27 May 2005
LowTech SexBox
Tags: videogames sexbox vibrators controllers
Sat 07 May 2005
Phone line powered vibrator
Tags: toys vibrators phoneline diy
Thu 05 May 2005
Rabbit Vibes available for research
Tags: toys vibrators
Sat 30 April 2005
Radio Controlled Sexings Continue!
Tags: toys rf diy vibrators
Sat 30 April 2005
More DIY Sex Toy Fun
Tags: toys rf diy vibrators
Sun 27 March 2005
Force Feedback Patent War
Tags: patents playstation haptics vibrators
Tue 22 March 2005
The VibraExciter
Tags: toys vibrators sexdrive
Mon 28 February 2005
SeXBox - Using Force Feedback Signals for Sex Toys - PS1/PS2 Version
Tags: sexbox playstation vibrators projects
Thu 24 February 2005
SeXBox - Using Force Feedback Signals for Sex Toys
Tags: sexbox projects xbox videogames vibrators