Vibrating Headphones? No, really. Why?

The headphones. They vibrate.

No, really. It's something you put on your head, and it vibrates. That's not fucking headache inducing or anything.

Now, we feel obligated to cover weird things that vibrate. This is definitely something weird that vibrates. Aerowolf even came up with the idea that you could "Put them on and feel like you're fucking on the dancefloor".

Me, though, not so much. I really cannot see these being comfortable in any way. However, I suppose you could put them on your crotch and turn something relatively bassy on, or do like we always say, hop on the back of a Warthog in Halo and start firin'.

God, we're starting to sound like Homemade Sex Toys around here. I really need to finish the sexbox article. Soon.