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Sat 15 October 2011
The Pen15 Board - Arduino Teledildonics Shield
Tags: projects opensource vibrators arduino
Mon 02 August 2010
Deldo - The Sex Toy and Teledildonics Mode for Emacs
Tags: projects emacs silly teledildonics vibrators software
Mon 27 July 2009
The Most Important Teledildonics Yet
Tags: silly diy projects teledildonics
Wed 08 August 2007
Stupid Conference Tricks (SIGGRAPH 2007): Wiibrator Port to OS X
Tags: siggraph events projects wiibrator wiimote
Tue 31 July 2007
Force Feedback Reality
Tags: projects diy avr
Sat 28 July 2007
I actually finished something!
Tags: torturedildonics diy avr projects
Sun 13 May 2007
Tags: projects ohmibod audio vibrators diy
Mon 12 December 2005
SeXBox Version 4 - The Defeat of the Pink Sparkly Buttplug of Doom
Tags: projects sexbox
Sun 11 December 2005
SeXBox Version 4 - The defeat of the Pink Sparkly Buttplug of Doom
Tags: sexbox projects toys
Sun 06 November 2005
Beepsex - Trancevibrator patch for Max/MSP
Tags: audio projects software maxmsp
Fri 29 July 2005
Freesex Network - Sex and Second Life, Version 1.0
Tags: projects software teledildonics secondlife freesex
Fri 03 June 2005
FreeSex - The Open Source Teledildonics Network
Tags: articles projects freesex teledildonics
Tue 17 May 2005
Sexercise - The new health revolution begins!
Tags: projects sexercise exercise bicycle vibrator
Mon 16 May 2005
Sexercise - The New Health Revolution Begins
Tags: projects sexercise bike
Wed 09 March 2005
SeXBox Version 2 - Or how to create your own sex crazed zombie army
Tags: projects sexbox xbox
Mon 28 February 2005
SeXBox - Using Force Feedback Signals for Sex Toys - PS1/PS2 Version
Tags: sexbox playstation vibrators projects
Sun 27 February 2005
SeXBox - PS1/PS2 Compatible Method
Tags: sexbox videogames playstation projects
Thu 24 February 2005
SeXBox - Using Force Feedback Signals for Sex Toys
Tags: sexbox projects xbox videogames vibrators
Wed 23 February 2005
SeXBox - Force Feedback Luvin
Tags: sexbox xbox videogames projects