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Tue 22 August 2017
Vice Motherboard Article on the Buttplug Project
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Fri 03 April 2015
Metafetish in the Media
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Mon 03 December 2012
qDot on Sex With Timaree Podcast
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Mon 20 December 2010
The Thousand Names of Go^H^H a Teledildonics Expert
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Fri 20 November 2009
qDot on FM4 and Presenting Tonight at Vienna Art Week
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Wed 13 May 2009
I am walking 2018
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Mon 16 April 2007
Wheee, I'm in EGM!
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Mon 26 March 2007
qDot on Bloggers Undressed
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Thu 01 March 2007
1TrackMind covers me for 29 seconds
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Fri 25 August 2006
I Am Way Too Tired To Make A Real Title For This Post
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Mon 17 April 2006
Article on The Future of Sex
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Fri 07 April 2006
MMOrgy: MMOrgy in XBox World UK Magazine
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Fri 07 April 2006
MMOrgy: MMOEGs Hit Mainstream Press
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Fri 27 January 2006
I'm in Wired. Again.
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Wed 21 December 2005
My God, I'm SEXY!
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Fri 03 June 2005
Let's get a couple of things straight.
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