First off, the article is up. I'm pretty happy with most of it. The second page is totally fucking ace, I love the way it worked out.

However, since no one on the west coast is going to be awake to fix what I've requested until this afternoon, let me make a couple of small corrections.

  • Ugh, rant removed 'cause I shouldn't write things at 6am. Long story short, if you're looking at this at work, you are a naughty, naughty minx.

  • Back to a lighter topic... The SexBox will be on sale as soon two things happen. First, I'm trying to figure out what kind/where to install a switch that will lead into the 5v USB line, so you can use the controller ports as either off, reactive (vibration from games), or always on. Should have this done like, next weekish. The other issue is figuring out how the hell to take credit cards online. I have no idea how one goes about getting a merchant account to sell adult products. Due to the high rate of chargebacks and fraud, credit companies HATE these products. If you can tell me how to go about this, I would appreciate it very much ([email me with the info, please][3]). I will also document and post about the whole process so no one else has to deal with this. Until then, if you are interested in buying a SeXBox controller, email

That is all. Return to enjoying the site.

[3]: mailto:qdot at slashdong () org