I'm in Wired again.

First off, the corrections:

In qDot's demo, he introduced his Second Life cube avatar to a smaller, more feminine cube avatar.

nose bridge pinch

Regina, I think Emilio is a little hurt by you calling him feminine. Yes, he's a little smaller than me, and yes, he's plywood, but that's no reason to say that he's FEMININE. I'm gonna be working for weeks to build his self-esteem up again, he makes a horrible top when he gets in his "mood", and let's not even get into the state my pool is gonna be in.

Fuck, he's so depressed in that picture. I mean, really, feminine? Does he look like a straight line to you, huh?


So you're probably wondering where that code I promised in the video is. Well, it's certainly, um, around. Unfortunately, it won't be up until mid-day tomorrow at the earliest, and even then, it's not clean, it's not nice, it's totally proof of concept, but hopefully someone will take the concept and run with it. God knows I don't have time lately. When it does come up, if you want help using it in your own system, throw email at our tips address on the right side of the page (if you're reading this through RSS, go visit the damn page. :P ). I can't promise I'll get to your request soon if ever, but I'll try. You may also want to gather and discuss in our forums, which I think I've ridden of spam for now at least.

That brings me to my next point, though. Something I've been thinking about, and I'm hoping someone will back me up on this.

I don't really have time to do much development on the SexBox v5/6 lately. This (That's the Lego Mindstorm NXT brick for those of you who might be wondering) has motor drivers (LB1930Ms if I'm not mistaken), bluetooth and USB communication, and open (also if I'm not mistaken) firmware. Slice a couple of motor cables open, attach 2.5mm jacks (and possibly some regulation hardware so we don't smoke the board)...

You thinking what I'm thinking?

(I realize it's a smidge on the expensive side, and technically I /should/ be able to communicate with the RCX brick through Serial->IR, which would be a much cheaper solution. Anyways, you can see the direction I'm going here. Consider this license to beat me to it, start your own blog, and become wildly internet famous like I have.)