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Fri 16 May 2008
The ShockSpot: $2200 of Machiney Goodness
Tags: shockspot machines
Mon 03 September 2007
The Jigsaw Massager
Tags: machines diy fucksall drilldo
Tue 02 May 2006
Joba Horseriding Exercise Machine
Tags: videogames machines horseriding
Thu 16 March 2006
The Goo Gobler
Tags: utopex teledildonics bukkake machines
Mon 27 February 2006
Sex Chair looking for Distributors/Partners
Tags: machines sexchair
Thu 05 January 2006
Violet Blue interviews The Thrillhammer Guy
Tags: machines thrillhammer
Fri 25 November 2005
The VibeRider
Tags: machines viberider automobile vibrator rc
Mon 10 October 2005
The Accujac
Tags: accujac robojac funways machines
Mon 03 October 2005
Obscene Machines being shown on Channel 4 Tomorrow
Tags: machines documentary
Thu 29 September 2005
The Sex Machine Book
Tags: machines book thrillhammer
Tue 31 May 2005
Thrillhammer Site Active, Demo in NYC on June 1st
Tags: machines teledildonics thrillhammer
Thu 10 February 2005
Was the robotic exercise machine REALLY supposed to be used like that?
Tags: furniture korea machines