The Accujac, Robojac, and toys of Funways Marketing

And while we're at posting about autojackers, I just found out about this one from someone on our forums. Unforunatly, this looks like it's going to be a history lesson instead of a product annoucement, as most parts of their pages haven't been updated since 2003, and their order pages show 404's now.

Funways Marketing produced the AccuJac, RoboJac, RoboJil, and many other awesomely named machines and components. With all of the understated grace of a tackle box, you could carry around your dildo controller right next to all of your hunting equipment without anyone noticing!

Now, for all of my ribbing about design, they honestly had some really cool addons. The Piston Dildo was a somewhat crude but effective usage of air pressure for pumping purposes. They even ventured into the world of electrostim. They even beat Rent-A-Dildo to the refurbished toy idea!

Ah well, I always find out about the cool stuff way too late. I'll give their 800 number a call tomorrow and update this post if they're still alive.