Violet Blue interviews The Thrillhammer Guy

So back at the Sex Machines Book (that I wasn't in) show in SF (that I didn't get to go to... notice the running theme here? Oklahoma and sex toys, not a happy venn diagram), Violet Blue interviewed Head Asshat-for-not-paying-my-way-to-Vegas Allen Stein of The Thrillhammer (Listen, Allen, you know I love you, but you're at AEE right now , and I'm not, so unless you come back with an autographed, urine soaked picture of Max Hardcore (HIS urine, not yours, I can SO tell the difference and you are NOT pulling that trick on me again) for me, you're sleeping on the couch). Learn wonderful things about teledildonics, and then stop the video half way and go watch Lazy Sunday again because they play a clip and you totally just can't sit there and only watch part of it without going to see the whole thing, even though you've watched it every day since it was on every blog on the face of the Earth.

Mr. Pibb and Red Vines, crazy fucking delicious.

Oh, anyways, yeah, and then watch the end of the video, 'cause they talk about sex some more, or something. I dunno, I've got that fucking song stuck in my head now.

Chronic WHUT cles of Narnia....