It's been a while since I've talked about what we're doing on the reverse engineering side of things. Short answer is, a LOT! Otherwise I wouldn't be asking for money.

Almost all of the reverse engineering happening now is in preparation for getting v0.1 of Buttplug out the door. What that release will actually look like is anyone's guess, but the more toys we have documented and reversed, the better. I'll usually be covering reverse engineering and software development work over on the blog and leaving this blog for featuring news, business, and other people's projects (with buttplug update posts every so often), but I'm taking this opportunity to update both places since I haven't written anything about my own work in a while.

First off, all of our documentation and code repos are still at

I'm also trying to keep hardware information up-to-date and available on the website. Keep an eye on the hardware menu, and I'll probably add a "Recently Updated" section to the front of the site soon.

Anyways, onto the libraries!

The Kiiroo and Lovense libraries have been getting the most love lately, but I'm slowly working my way through documenting as much as possible now before writing any more code.


Repos for the Kiiroo line of toys, including the Onyx, Pearl, and upcoming Launch toys.


Repos for the Lovense line of toys, including the Max, Nora, Hush, and Lush.


Repos for the Minna KGoal bluetooth kegel exerciser


Repos for the Wevibe line of products.

Buttshock (Estim Reverse Engineering)

Repos for reverse engineering the Erostek ET-312/ET-232, Estim Systems 2B, etc...

The Past

The above toys are things that are still in production. We've still got repos for the Real Touch, Rez Trancevibe, VStroker, and Virtual Hole.

The Future

I'm hoping to flesh out the above projects more. Getting documentation for everything, even the out-of-production toys, is the highest priority. After that, coding the usual set of python/javascript/rust libraries for toys still in production.

Python is usually just because I work fastest in that, so it's good for proof of concept. Now that WebBluetooth is defaulted on in Google Chrome on OS X, I'm trying to make javascript libraries that work either via node/noble or WebBluetooth, where I can. Rust libraries are how we'll provide access from C, as well as integrate things into the actual Buttplug software.

There's new toys to be working on, too! This includes:

I'm hoping the patreon will fund some of these, because this hobby is getting expensive lately.

The biggest problem right now is when I get to coding, I forget to write updates about what I'm doing, so the only people aware of updates are those that follow me on github. As I'm not sure anyone actively reads their github status timeline, I'm hoping having a dedicated blog for those topics on will help. It could also just end up being yet another blog I don't update. Time will tell, I suppose.