Patreon campaign image

Metafetish now has a patreon campaign!

Or, well, more specifically, I (qDot) do. I'd like to get more sex toys to reverse engineer, but that's becoming a pretty spendy endeavor these days. Most toys start at $150, and specialty stuff like the ET-312 can be upwards of $600. I've set up a patreon campaign so that I can accept donations and "engage directly with motivated participants", or so the marketing department tells me to say.

There are multiple reward tiers, including previews of Metafetish posts, Q&A with me, old-timey handwritten letters, and even a Metafetish VIP level that can get you all sorts of special perks.

I'm going to try to make efforts to post more here about the reverse engineering and documentation I've been doing recently, but if you can't wait, all of the code, documentation, and everything else are always on github at

Go on then. Gimme money. I'm waiting. We're already up to 7 patreons and $16 a month, which is a great start!