Originally written by Sumatrae for mmorgy.com

In the region of Eventide sits a fairly innocuous shopping mall. Yet beyond its nondescript doors lies the nexus of Second Life sex and the home of Xcite! interactive genitals.

I recently interviewed the spokesslaveman of Xcite to get the low down on the hard on.

Xcite is the leading provider of Second Life genitalia with over 5,000 visitors a day. What started as a simple scripting hobby has grown into a worldwide phenomenon with no end in sight. Love them or hate them, interactive naughty bits are quite the rage. The process is simple:

A simple touch by your partner(s) on your Xcite! enabled nipples, penis, vagina, etc. triggers a posed, scripted reaction and/or a preloaded sound...culminating in an explosive orgasm. Its both a floor wax and a dessert topping - giving you the virtual genitalia you need and the interactivity thats intended to make cybersex easier.

Javier Puff sat down with me recently to discuss the Xcite craze.

Sumatrae Baphomet: Some basic questions first. How did Xcite get started?

Javier Puff: It really started back in July when I first joined Second Life. A friend helped me out as a noob, taking me shopping, getting me a decent skin, etc. This is common in Second Life as you know. They also gave me an old set of genitals they had. Suffice to say I was disappointed with it. So one day I set out to build my own and the response was terrific. So...I did a lot of thinking, identified a niche not being well served by the existing merchants, thought I could do better, and a month or so later launched Xcite!

Sumatrae Baphomet: Theres the argument that interactive genitals is a two edged sword...adding to the sexual roleplay but also running the risk of being annoying or obnoxious. What's your take?

Javier Puff: It's completely up to the individual, and as you say there are positives and negatives to both. Some hard core roleplayers would never want to use these devices. They want to emote everything and have full control. Others love the idea that people they do or do not know can actually affect their bodies through the use of these devices. That is something strict roleplay cannot really give you. So it really just depends on what type of cybersex you enjoy

Sumatrae Baphomet: it sort of evens the playing field, would you say?

Javier Puff: How do you mean?

Sumatrae Baphomet: It gives the novice the ability to add to the rp experience.

Javier Puff: Oh yes, it's fantastic for those who have little experience, or for those who simply want to enjoy cybersex without having to think a lot.

Sumatrae Baphomet: Your xcite brand started with the obvious...penis and vagina. Where did it go from there?

Javier Puff: We shipped other body parts pretty quickly, nipples and the ass. The we started fleshing out the toy line and just kept adding whatever people seemed to indicate they wanted most. We're fairly customer driven in that regard.

Sumatrae Baphomet: Whats the strangest requests you've had?

Javier Puff: I had one gentleman actually ask whether the cock could be shrunk to fit a small boy. The answer was yes, and I didn't really want to know more.

Sumatrae Baphomet: ...

Sumatrae Baphomet: What are some of the advancements to the Xcite line that you're most proud of?

Javier Puff: I'm most proud when we innovate. We shipped a flogger that hangs down realistically. We ship a ball and chain that's a riot to play with. Our blindfold is rather unique and allows others to blind the wearer without notice. These were ideas specific to Xcite that nobody had been doing that I know of.

Sumatrae Baphomet: Fascinating. It sounds like you're trying to keep up with the state of sex on SL. Do you think its becoming darker? Perhaps people want more than just the vanilla?

Javier Puff: I think there's been a mile wide kinky streak through the population of SL since long before I arrived. I'm not sure I'd say 'darker'.

Sumatrae Baphomet: With the innovation you're working on ...whats the next step? Can you give us a peek behind the curtain?

Javier Puff: In the next few days we're shipping collars. Collars are a fairly mature market here in SL.

Sumatrae Baphomet: What sets yours apart?

Javier Puff: We're shipping some unique 'Xtras' that can plug into ours. For example, a electric fence Xtra that electrically zaps the wearer if they get too close to fence poles.

Sumatrae Baphomet: Coded by a slave to train slaves.

Javier Puff: Yes. :) And of course our collars are Xcite! compatible so actions that are taken can increase (or reduce) arousal

Sumatrae Baphomet: What about enhancements to your current genitalia...say...vaginal ejaculation?

Javier Puff: We have a (quite lengthy) list of enhancement people continually ask for from our products, and vaginal ejaculation is on that list. Every once in a while we sit down and prioritize the list according to how popular the requests are.

Sumatrae Baphomet: Anything else that you'd like to share with our readers?

Javier Puff: Just remember it's all about having fun. :) That's the business we're really in, just enhancing the online experience of those who enjoy adult entertainment.

Sumatrae Baphomet: I'll let you go..you have a busy public. Thanks for your time.

Javier Puff: I wish your site lots of success!