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Tue 30 November 2010
Wiimote Sex, the Mojowijo, and Prior Art
Tags: wiimote oioo mojowijo videogames vibrators teledildonics
Sun 15 August 2010
Mojowijo - The Wiimote Vibrator, Round 2
Tags: wiimote oioo videogames vibrators teledildonics
Sun 13 July 2008
WiibratorLink Update and WiiSex Review
Tags: oioo wiimote teledildonics toys videogames
Wed 09 July 2008
WiibratorLink: the wiidildo, realized
Tags: wiimote vibrators teledildonics oioo videogames
Sun 26 August 2007
It's on now, bitches.
Tags: haptics electrostim toys wiimote
Wed 08 August 2007
Stupid Conference Tricks (SIGGRAPH 2007): Wiibrator Port to OS X
Tags: siggraph events projects wiibrator wiimote
Sat 23 December 2006
The Wiibrator
Tags: wiimote vibrator nintendo software
Mon 19 September 2005
The (Sexual) Revolution?
Tags: videogames nintendo revolution wii wiimote