Update: We've released v0.1.2, a small bugfix release on top of v0.1.1. If you already updated v0.1.1, you'll need to download v0.1.2 from the releases site, as the updater was broken.

Buttplug C# v0.1.2 is out! You can pick it up at the Buttplug C# Releases site on Github.

For those interested, here's the changelog.


  • Added auto update and update checking functionality
  • Added support for the following hardware
    • WeVibe 4 Plus, Ditto, Nova, Pivot, Wish, Verge
    • Lovense Domi
  • Added more product names for the Lovense Hush (LVS-Z36, LVS_Z001)
  • Added Game Vibration Router application
  • WebsocketServer now defaults to SSL


  • Fixed hang when no XBox controllers and no Bluetooth adapters are connected
  • SSL Errors in Websocket Server are now shown in GUI or as a notification, not in modal dialogs
  • Fixed ObjectDisposed Exception in Kiiroo App
  • Fixed port number changing in Websocket Server
  • Fixed crash when copying IP addresses in Websocket Server
  • Fixed version number listing in logs
  • Vibratissimo devices now required to be named "Vibratissimo"

The GUI is still mostly the same as Buttplug v0.1.0, so for right now, the v0.1.0 tutorial is still basically valid. We'll be updating that as needed for the new version.

For those using macOS, Linux, Android, or ChromeOS, remember that buttplug-js supports WebBluetooth on Google Chrome 61 (it's actually worked since 56 but there's relevant bugfixes in 61 that make it worth using) on these platforms! Our Syncydink haptic movie player uses buttplug-js and should work on these platforms with no extra installs.

I'm going to get back to making Buttpluggin' With qDot videos soon, and the first ones on the queue are Buttplug usage tutorials, with many examples of how you're supposed to use what we're building.

If you have any problems, feel free to leave github issues on repos if you have a github account, or contact us on our message boards, Discord Server, or Slack Instance to get help!