Time for another Metafetish dev log!


First off, just wanted to remind people that I have a patreon to fund all of the work I'm doing here!


Currently, this is about the only income I make off of sex tech work, so every little bit help. Even $1/month donation subscriptions are appreciated.


On to hardware releases and updates...

Kiiroo Pearl 2

The Kiiroo Pearl 2 is now shipping. $99 gets you a vibrator with touch sensors that won't have to do much to be better than the Pearl 1. We'll have support for it in Buttplug pretty soon.

Fleshlight Launch

Due to getting even more reports of people bricking their Fleshlight Launch toys while upgrading firmware on them, I decided to do some digging into the firmware loading process. I've now written my own firmware loader that I'll be posting soon (it's web based, so you can just use chrome on android), as well as figured out the bugs that are causing Launch toys to get stuck in bootloader mode. If you have a Launch that is stuck in bootloader mode, please post on this thread in our forums and we can help get you fixed up.

I'll be making a large post about the internals of the firmware loading system soon, including information on loading our own modified firmware to the Launch (which is possible now!).

The nice thing about this work is that we are now basically free of the FeelConnect app system. The only thing we needed the app for was firmware loading, and since that can be handled by our own code now, we can finally kick it off our devices. Yay!