Welcome to the first week of May! We've got updates on Buttplug development, as well as some of the Fleshlight Launch efforts. Let's get started!

Metafetish Org

It's been a busy week around the Metafetish labs, but mostly on one thing...


Oof. I haven't coded this much in years, but it's been fun. The C# version of Buttplug for Windows is coming along nicely. We have gamepad, Fleshlight Launch, and Lovense support, as well as some of the beginning work on websocket control and a GUI. On the software engineering side of things, continuous integration is set up through Appveyor, and there's now an InnoSetup installer. This week is mostly going to be polishing the rough edges off of what's done so far and trying to prepare for an initial release, though that could honestly extend into next week due to me not wanting to throw something out there that's half done.

For those wondering if I've abandoned Rust: Not at all! Buttplug at its core is simply a message passing interface, so the only objects that really go back and forth between the library and the world are message objects. The JSON serialization format I'm using matches the output of serde-json, so I should be able to port things seamlessly between the languages. My new familiarity with UWP APIs will hopefully make the upcoming Rust reimplementation of this far easier, too.

Other Metafetish Projects

Buttplug is pretty much taking up all of my time right now, so that means everything else is kinda backburnered. There's a few developers poking around at getting the lovense python library working with BLE toys, and the MK312-BT project is starting to get some attention. I'm really looking forward to getting back to video making soon too!

Other Projects

Work on LaunchControl/GoLaunch for Linux continues, with most of the development still being Linux focused, but hoping to get OS X testing going this week. They've got basic VLC plugins working for the launch locally, which is a great step for the usability of the device!

For mobile, there's talk of a new Cordova based app happening on reddit, as well as a demo video from the awesome people at fleshassist.com! The app is still in development but looking really promising already, from the youtube video in the reddit post (not posting it here 'cause it's still unlisted, so click through if you wanna see).

That's all for this week. Stay tuned for some actual software releases soon hopefully!