When a company with a name as big as Fleshlight attached their brand to a computerized sex toy, you damn well better believe I'll be there to get my hands in it.

I mean, I know I'm supposed to get other body parts in it, but let's be real here.

I've been working for the past few days on reverse engineering the new Fleshlight/Kiiroo crossover toy, the Launch. For those that just want the goodies right now, the documentation is coming together at https://metafetish.github.io/raunch-docs, with the repo at https://github.com/metafetish/raunch-docs.

It's a fairly simple toy, just made to fit a fleshlight case, and move it up and down. The protocol allows setting absolute position along the thrusting axis, and the speed to get there. That's about it. There are 7 capacative touch buttons on the device, though due to the smoothness of the face design, it's actually hard to know when/if you're hitting them.

As usual, I'll be cranking out libraries as fast as I can for the device. If you're interested in controlling it out omfg right now and have either mac or linux available, there's a WebBluetooth demo that will work with Chrome 56+. You can set the position to move to, and the speed at which to move, then hit "send" to actually send the command.

I've done a full teardown of the device, which I'll be making a video of for our ALL NEW YOUTUBE SERIES soon. We're also working on documenting the firmware (PIC24FJ64 processor), and contemplating writing our own because why not.