Lie Back and Think of English Baseball: S.O.C.D Project

Square dildos. Unless you're a shapey, it's probably not the hottest sexual interface out there. Even so, it's your link to a good time through mosaicked jubbies in the S.O.C.D. Project.

Grab onto the square latex extension, and the metal plates on it pick up your "arousal level". The more aroused you become, the more pixelated and noisy the porn playing on the monitor in front of you gets. Therefore, if you want crisp, clear Max Hardcore, you have to do everything you can not to actually get turned on by it, or at least to try and fool the sensors. Think of it like trying to fool a lie detector session where all questions relate to hardons.

A work by Fiona Raby, Anthony Dunne and Michael Anastassiades (Electronics: Erik Kearney, software: David Muth.). Currently part of Wouldn't it be nice, an exhibition, curated by Katya Garcia-Anton and Emily King, which addresses the application of wishful thinking in art and design today. You can visit the show until December 16 at the Centre d'Art Contemporain in Geneva, then at the Museum fur Gestaltung in Zurich.

Thanks to We Make Money Not Art and, both blogs of awesomeness, for pointing this out.