Help JD-1116 Buy a Robot Suit

JD-1116, admin of the MaleBots Robotics Fetish Site, is having a fucking kick ass suit of armor built by Nightmare Armor Studios, and needs help to fund it. I'm not usually up for shilling for charity on this site, but dude. It's a fucking suit of robotic armor. I mean, I want a pony (please send me money too), but this is so much more badass than a pony that... Dude. IT'S FUCKING ROBOTIC ARMOR. GIVE THE MAN YOUR MONEY BEFORE HE TAKES OVER THE EARTH. Maybe he'll spare you then.

Also: MaleBots is having their end of month special for site sign-up, so go do that too. It's a damn fine site.

(Also: Really. I wasn't kidding about the pony. Plz send me money. Or a pony. See, here's a link you can buy it from, even. But send JD money first.)