So, a few things about the page since I haven't updated in a while:

  • Yes, the boards are broken, and will probably be replaced soon. Until then, unless you have an account, you probably won't be able to post.
  • For those of you sending me link trade requests: No, I won't link to your page. Bring money, affiliate programs, or free equipment into the equation, and maybe we'll talk, but outside of that, no.
  • Things in the works
  • SeXBox v5: Overengineering at its best
  • Focus on Audio: Toy Reviews and Audio Based Teledildonics (Thanks to OhMiBod and iBuzz for providing hardware to play with)
  • You, your body, Fuckt00bz and you: A review for the penis enabled.

All this rests on my motivation levels, but honestly, they're higher than they've been in a while.