Freesex: Sex and Second Life v2 - LibSL Edition

Well, just a little under a month after a made my famous "It'll be ready this week!" annoucement, here's that code that was gonna be ready 3 weeks ago. This article is an unedited brain dump of the basics of libsl, and how I harnessed them for my demo at SLCC. The source code is included but has not been beautified in any way, so don't expect bells, whistles, or anything else. I do plan on extending it at some point, but since that will be some time in the future (for some possibly large values of 'some time in the future'), I figured I'd throw out what I've got now and let others start building on it.

And, thanks again to LibSecondLife and the SLJoy project for making this idea possible, even though they probably didn't mean to.